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Prozilla Download Accelerator is a multi-threaded download accelerator for Linux which supports both HTTP and FTP protocols and increases download speeds with up to 200-300%.

ProZilla is ncurses based download accelerator that supports parallel downloads, HTTP and FTP downloads with FTP search feature. FTP search means ProZilla can search fastest FTP mirror for faster download speed. Because it based on ncurses, ProZilla is also a lightweight download accelerator.

Features of Prozilla Download Accelerator
  • Supports FTP & HTTP including redirection.
  • Complete acceleration: The file will be downloaded as fast as possible as your bandwidth allows if not otherwise specified
  • FTPsearch support now permits fetching Mirror locations and pinging them and selecting the fastest server is automatically done.
  • Unlike certain other download accelerators available for Linux, this really works.
  • Resume Supported.
  • The number of connections that prozilla uses can be specified.
  • Downloading the same file in parts from several servers at once to increase speed.
Step Wise Installing Prozilla Download Accelerator on Ubuntu

Step 1 : Before starting the installation, Open the terminal by pressing CTL + ATL + T from your keyboard. When the terminal opened then run the following command in the terminal to add PPA for Prozilla Download Accelerator on your Ubuntu System.
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tldm217/tahutek.net
Step 2 : Now, run the following command in the terminal to update your Ubuntu system.
$ sudo apt-get update
Step 3 : Finally, run the following command in the terminal to install the Prozilla Download Accelerator on your Ubuntu System.
$ sudo apt-get install prozilla
That's All and you can also check out the instructions for the usage of Prozilla Download Accelerator given below.

Instructions For Prozilla Download Accelerator Usage

#1. For General usage
proz download_link
#2. For Resume download on Prozilla
proz -r download link
#3. To Limit download speed (at 20000 bps) on Prozilla
proz --max-bps=20000 download_link
#4. Do FTP search on Prozilla
proz -s download_link
#5. For More download options on Prozilla
proz --help
That's All and Now Enjoy the downloading on Prozilla

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