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Gmediafinder application helps you to watch videos from Youtube and other media streaming websites without Flash installed. Gmediafinder supports Mp3Realm, YouTube, Skreemr, Tagoo, Imusicz and Dilandau search engines. You can stream videos in FLV or Mp4 quality directly from Gmediafinder and download them in a selected resolution. It provides the ability to search, stream and download videos and music from your desktop. What makes Gmediafinder useful is the ability to directly stream videos in Mp4 instead of flash. 

Gmediafinder is also supported by both Windows and Linux systems which allows you to search for, play and download online videos without using flash player. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others allow you to watch video easily online, but usually not easy downloading them unto your desktop. Gmediafinder is the best application for those guys who want to download YouTube videos on their Ubuntu desktops.

Gmediafinder is an application used to search stream an/or download files from youtube without flash,google and some mp3 searchengines. It support fullscreen mode, visualisations and use the gstreamer engine to play sounds and videos. 

This tutorial is designed for those guys who want to install the Gmediafinder application on their Ubuntu systems. You can follow the instructions given below to install the Gmediafinder application on your Ubuntu systems.

Step Wise Installation of Gmediafinder on Ubuntu

Step 1 : Before beginning the installation, Open the terminal by pressing CTL + ALT +T from your keyboard. When the terminal opens, run the following command in the terminal to add PPA for Gmediafinder on your Ubuntu system.
$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:s-lagui/ppa
Step 2 : Now, run the following command in the terminal to update your Ubuntu system.
$ sudo apt-get update
Step 3 : Finally, run the following command in the terminal to install Gmediafinder on your Ubuntu system.
$ sudo apt-get install gmediafinder
Step 4 : After installing Gmediafinder, Go to ‘Dash’ and search for the application for the launch. After opening the Gmediafinder, click on the ‘Option’ tool.

Step 5 : Next, On the ‘Options’ tab, check the box to enable ‘Download’ videos from YouTube/other websites.

Step 6 : You can also enable more engines by selecting 'engines' tab and then enable more engines. After that, close out and begin to search and download your favorite videos from YouTube on Gmediafinder.

Step 7 : All downloaded videos will be saved safely in the gmediafinder-downloads folder of your home directory Latter you can play the video files offline on your Ubuntu system.

That's All and now enjoy the downloading on your Ubuntu system.

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