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Adobe Reader is a computer program. It is part of the Adobe Acrobat family of software. Reader is a file reader created by the company Adobe. It reads and displays Portable Document Format files. These files have the extension of '.pdf. It is free to download Adobe Reader.

In the technical world, faxing and mailing documents are becoming more and more obsolete. Printing PDF documents and completing forms by hand can be seen as unprofessional and may prove illegible in some cases. Forms, legal documentation and other paperwork often are emailed so that they can be electronically completed and instantly returned to the sender.

Adobe Reader is the most commonly used program to open PDF files. It is often overlooked as a means to edit such files and save valuable time and effort because it is a reader and not the full version of the Adobe application. However, Adobe Reader 10  / 9 has the capability to edit PDF documents.

Before Starting the Editing in PDF Files

Step 1 : Open your PDF document using Adobe Reader 10 / 9. (It is available as free download if you don't have it. See Resources.) Review and examine the format of the document. If you have not download the Adobe Reader till yet than visit the following link and download the recent version of Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader Downloading Link :
Step 2 : Go to the Document>Security>Show Security Properties from the main menu options. A new screen will appear called Document Properties. This screen will give you an idea of what the author of the document has given you permission to edit, change or add to the document.

Step 3 : Review the document to ensure that it is complete and legible.

Filing Out Forms and Signing A Document

Step 1 : Move your cursor to the first form field and fill in the appropriate information. The cursor will automatically adjust as you move over the different types of form fields. You will see the text tool when over the text form fields. When you are over drop-down lists, radio buttons, or checkboxes, your cursor will become a pointing hand tool.

Step 2 : Use the Tab key to move through the form, entering all information necessary to complete the form. The Escape key can be used to delete information mistakenly entered in a field.

Step 3 : Depending on the rights that the author has set for the document, on the File menu you will either be able to Save a Copy of your completed document (you will not be able to rename it if this is the only option) or Save As (you can rename the document).

Step 4 : Go to Document> Sign> Sign Document to add a signature to a document. A new window will pop up and will guide you through the process of creating a new signature or selecting one that has been previously stored.

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